Block paving is fast becoming the material of choice for UK homeowners, as it offers many benefits and there’s no limit to the stunning designs, colours and patterns you can combine to create the perfect driveway. If your tarmac drive constantly needs resurfacing, for a little extra, you could have a driveway that lasts for many years, and here are 3 of the many reasons why block paving is the best driveway material.

  1. Durable and Solid – A block paving driveway is installed onto a hard core foundation, and there would likely need to be some drainage, which allows water to naturally drain away. There is a company that specialises in affordable block paving driveways in Stratford upon Avon, and they would excavate soil to allow for a solid foundation of hard core.
  2. Stunning Designs – Block paving comes in many colours, and the block themselves can be square or rectangular, which allows you to be creative. Three separate colours in a symmetrical pattern is very impressive, and with the right edging stones, you have the ideal driveway that will be a major feature of the home.
  3. Semi-Permeable – Block paving is semi-permeable, allowing the water to drain away naturally, which means no puddles on your driveway, and with adequate drainage underneath, you will always have a dry, non-slip surface.

The secret to a professional block paving job is in the ground preparation, and rather than simply laying the blocks on sand, a firm base is first constructed, and that will take the weight of any heavy vehicles.

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