Many people just take the maintenance of chimney for granted. They take this part of the home as a little one that has no significance. But just like any other structures in the house, it can meet the problems. After all, these are man-made and are subjected to wear and tear. Ignorance can cause your chimney to fall down and cause other damages too. Hence, here are some warning signs are presented that shows you need to contact professionals such as CT Chimney Repair for professional assistance.

  1. White Staining

If the white color is found out on chimney then it is asking for the attention as there could be some damage. However, some may think that cleaning is the best solution but this white coloration shows excessive moisture. It needs an immediate solution to prevent further harm to the chimney.

  1. Rust

The chimney must not show any indications of rust as rust can cause terrible damage. Presence of rust can make the chimney fall. Rust is the sign that your chimney is facing the water leakage from somewhere.  Rust at its early stage is easy to repair but later on, if rust becomes a serious issue and one needs to replace the rusted part. It does not matter how many years old chimney is, rust is always an alarming problem. Do not ignore the rust either it is present on the interior and exterior of the firebox. So, when you notice rust around the chimney, call chimney repair immediately.

  1. Mortar Joints and Crumbling Bricks

Older homes usually have the brick chimneys and cracked and broken mortar is the most common problem. It is easy getting unnoticed. Even, some chimneys have drywall and plaster over it, so, it is hard to expose the bricks for inspection. But still, one can look inside the chimney for such issues.

If any mortar breaking off is get notices, then it will be a wise decision to call chimney repairing services so that it is not compromised and you can enjoy uninterrupted services of the chimney.  When you see that exterior brick is facing wear, then there is a possibility that the interior of the chimney can be damaged.  Contact the repairing services.

  1. Spalling

The excess usage of chimney leads to peeling off and chipping. Over time, flaking off also occurs. All these will be indicated via small stone particle at its base. Seeing these must not be ignored at any cost. When you wish to start the fire, if you see any stone or cement-like particles, then there is a possibility that hot flames might have weakens some parts of your chimney.

So, it will be better if you immediately call the chimney repair services to save yourself from any major issues.

  1. Damaged Wallpaper

Generally, chimneys have wallpapers around it and these are really very helpful in understanding the chimney. If wallpaper around the chimney is damaged, then it must catch your attention to find the problem within the chimney and repair the issues.

Contact a professional chimney repair to repair your chimney and get the necessary repairs done.

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