The very mention of the term “blocked drain” is enough to cause panic among UK homeowners, and while it might sound a trivial problem, to actually pinpoint the blockage can be more difficult than the unblocking. In former times, the drain clearing expert would have to make some educated guesses that might involve digging up half the garden, yet with the help of CCTV, a blockage can quickly be identified and promptly unblocked. If you should ever experience a partial or total drain blockage, here is some useful advice.

  • Avoid Flushing the Toilet – Don’t use the toilet and don’t drain any water, as this can make things worse. With affordable drain & sewer clearance in Oldham that is only a phone call away, it won’t be long before the drain cleaning specialist will be with you.
  • DIY Drain Unblocking Solutions – You should be careful about attempting to unblock the drain yourself, as very often, this only makes things worse. There are over the counter drain clearing products, but, of course, you need to know the exact location of the blockage before you can even begin to try to unblock the drain. Even seasoned homeowners are reluctant to tackle a blocked drain, as they know how difficult it can be.
  • Preventative Measures – Once the blockage has been cleared, there are things you can do to reduce the risk of a repeat blockage, which includes, fitting fine mesh grills over all plug holes, and not putting food waste down the kitchen sink.

If the blockage occurs outside of normal working hours, don’t panic, as there are emergency numbers you can call, and a fully equipped mobile unit will be with you in a few minutes.











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