We all need some temporary storage space at some time or another, and with affordable self-storage, you have a no frills service where you can leave your possessions under lock and key and pay a small weekly fee. The typical self-storage facility would use sea containers, and with either your own padlock, or one that can be supplied, you have your key and can retrieve your items at any time.

Unit Sizes

The self-storage facility would have a wide range of unit sizes, such as:

  • 12 Sq Ft
  • 28 Sq Ft
  • 38 Sq Ft
  • 80 Sq Ft
  • 160 Sq Ft

Most establishments would charge rental by the week, which would most likely be paid in advance, and if you suddenly decide to cease the rental, there would be no penalty.


You might be in the middle of a move, and suddenly, you realise you have a few things that can go into storage, and with reliable storage services in Plymouth, you have the perfect solution. Long or short term, the rental would be very reasonable, so reasonable that you can afford to leave the items for as long as necessary.

CTTV Security

The secure storage facility would likely be manned around the clock and would have video surveillance, which gives you peace of mind. You are the only person who has the key, so if it gets lost, you would likely have to pay for a new lock to be fitted, and with more than adequate security, your precious belongings, whatever they might be, will always be waiting for collection.

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