Building an investment property for rental purposes is a great way to make additional income without having to do very little work. If you’ve decided to build a house on your land, you’ll need to consider a few things before the project gets underway. Professional building companies in Farnham suggest doing some research prior to hiring a construction company. A good quality business will have experience in a wide variety of projects, including:

  • New Builds
  • Structural Adjustments
  • General Builds
  • Refurbishments
  • Conversions & Extensions

Once you’ve found the right developer, you can now focus on attracting tenants when the project has finished.

Tenant Criteria

On completion of the project, you’ll want to have a tenant ready to move in to ensure you start making money from your investment right away. You should focus on the type of tenant you want, to help you narrow your search. This means establishing your stance on pets, smokers and other issues.

Rental Property Online

The easiest way to find tenants is to list your property online, but to stand out from the crowd, you’ll need high-quality pictures of the building. Great pictures are eye catching to potential tenants, they also allow them to visualise themselves in the property.

Maintenance is Key

Getting the right tenants to rent your property is one task, ensuring they stay there on a long-term basis is another. If you want to retain good quality clients, make sure you pay attention to their needs and maintain the property to a high standard.

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