Timber has long been used to construct buildings, in every culture and era, you can see wood as being the prime material, and a person who is skilled at the art of working with timber would be a carpenter. Even today, with the emergence of composite materials, timber is a popular choice, and here are a few home improvements that are crafted from wood.

  1. Bespoke Wardrobes – If you fancied the idea of having a wardrobe built into the wall, there are affordable carpentry services in Bristol who can design and build a made to measure walk-in wardrobe. You get to decide where the tie rack goes, and how many drawers, and with a range of stunning timbers, theres no end to the design options.
  2. Fitted Kitchen – Rather than calling in a kitchen renovation company, your local carpenter offers affordable cabinets that are to your specifications. Having cabinets and shelving made to measure means you use all of the available space, and you have a wide range of finishes that can be used.
  3. Loft Conversion – If you have a loft, why not convert it to living space? The cost is minimal when compared to a traditional bricks and mortar extension, and the carpenter can design and build the ideal room. It could be an extra bedroom, or perhaps a study room for the kids, or even a home office, from where you can control your business empire.

Your local carpenter is more than capable of carrying out numerous home improvements, and once he knows what you are looking to do, he can quote you for the project.

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