We all require additional living space as the family grows, and rather than going to the considerable expense of building an extension, why not make the best use of all available spec by converting the loft into a room? When compared to the cost of a bricks and mortar extension, the loft conversion does make financial sense, and as you already have the shell in place, it’s only a question of fixtures and fittings.

Scope of Work

The full extent of a loft conversion incorporates the following:

  • Building a Chipboard Floor – With affordable bespoke loft conversions in Lewes, the flooring will soon be complete. The floor can either carpeted or covered with vinyl, whichever you prefer.
  • Cladding the Walls and Ceiling – Using either marine grade plywood or chipboard, the walls and ceiling are next to go up, and extra insulation would be added behind, to help prevent heat loss.
  • Installing Two Skylights – Ideally, they should have openings, which will allow for a flow of air in the summer, and with an extractor fan in the right location, ventilation is taken care of.
  • Installing a Drop Down Ladder – The hatch would need to be widened for easier access, and the ladder would fold into sections as it is raised.

All that’s left to do is cladding around the water tanks and any pipes, which is a simple enough task, and with a few LED lights and a couple of power outlets in place, your new room is ready to be decorated.

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