Crane service is hard work that requires technical skills, experience and a constant expansion of knowledge about new machines. Even a small error in the use of heavy equipment can create a real threat to the lives of employees or cause huge financial losses to the enterprise. Not only the operation itself is important, but also what tools, hooks and other accessories are used that affect the operation of the cranes. These are the most important principles that machine operators should follow.

Create a checklist

When cranes are to be set up for work, operators should check their condition. So they have to make a checklist to assess that everything is okay – both the crane and the environment in which it will operate. Notes can include safety precautions, oil, fluids, repairs, tools and tabs, and more.

Load rating

Today, there are many different types of cranes, each with a different maximum load. How big the package can be, however, does not depend largely on the machine itself, but on the hooks used in it. Operators therefore need to know what attachments to use to do the job. If they load more than they can lift, the crane may fall, causing injuries and other losses. So this is the most important factor to consider.

Change of conditions

Mobile cranes operate on different terrains and levels. The surface is not the same everywhere, so the operator should take the soil condition into account when the crane is moving. If this point is ignored, the machine may become unbalanced. Additionally, remember that the load must be reduced when moving the crane to avoid accidents.

Additional equipment

The crane operator should ensure that he has all the tools and hooks needed to start the job. The first of them are required for the repair and commissioning of the crane, without the second, the operation of the equipment is impossible. It will also improve the safety of the crew, operator and other people on the construction site.

Crane chains

Many times, accidents when working with lifting machines occur due to the breaking of lifting chains or ropes. This is because chains become stiff over time and can easily break when subjected to additional pressure or stress. On the other hand, ropes become weaker over time, even when not overused. That is why it is so important to check their condition regularly and replace them if necessary.

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