It’s no surprise that Bed bugs have sucked human and other mammal blood for a long time. If you’re getting a frequent red swell of body areas, followed by itching, there might be possibilities of bed bug infestation in your home. Early acknowledgment of this fact will help you do the required actions to get rid of bed bugs, and it’s harsh consequences.

A bed bug is a reddish-brown oval shaped small insect. It doesn’t have wings, so it relies on other carriers such as humans, other mammals, moving goods for its transportation. Although they suck human blood, they don’t carry any communicable disease. It’s biting is followed by irritation, distress, and itching.

Detection of these insects is hard. They can survive many days without feeding blood after having a proper blood sucking session. An adult bed bug can survive up to 400 days without blood intake. Thus, making it hard to destroy their infestation. They live near your sleeping areas like a mattress, bed frame, pillow or box springs etc. Moreover, places like Furniture, wall-floor periphery, wall cracks are also home to bed bugs.

As these pests are dangerous to human health, adequate measures should be taken to destroy their habitation. One of the best ways to do this is a bed bug pest control professional.

Pest control is the regulation and management of species known as a pest who adversely harm human activities. They destroy the pest with pest control methods such as pesticides, carbon dioxide, dry heat treatment.  

If you’re frequently finding similar kind of red swelling on your skin, it may be the infestation of bed bugs. Here are the signs you may need hiring a bed bug pest control professional for your home.

Red swelling areas

Bed bug bite turns your skin red, form rashes across the areas. If you find these similar sign in you and your family’s skin, chances are there is a bed bug.

Uncomfortable night

Most of your night will be uncomfortable as this pest approaches at night. Heat from the human body and exhaled carbon dioxide give a strong signal of the host to the bed bug.

Shed bed bug skins, exoskeletons or shells

Finding these pests is hard, but they leave strong evidence of their existence. Their skin, skeletons or shells remain spread across the different places of your home. Look for places like furniture underneath, cracks, the line joining wall and floor. Professionals like can help you get rid of bed bugs from your home effectively.

Bloodstain on your sheets and nightwear

If you find blood stain in your bed sheets, blanket or nightwear there is the probable chance for the existence of bed bug.

Strong odor

Bed bug posses a very strong odor like a wet towel. You’ll smell this odor often if there is any bed bug.

Maintaining hygienic conditions across the rooms by deep cleaning and amateur pesticides will definitely keep you safe from a bed bug. If you’re still finding trouble, you can hire a Bed bug pest control professional for a consult.

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