Damp has always been an issue in northern Europe, especially the cold and damp winters we experience in the UK, and if you are about to buy your very first home, here is a brief description of the 3 main types of damp that affects British homes.

  1. Rising Damp– A common problem, rising damp is evident if you see tide marks on a wall, or wallpaper and plaster are peeling away from the wall. If the worst should happen, call in the local expert damp proofing in Buckhurst Hill, who can repair the damage and damp proof the property.
  1. Penetrating Damp– Usually caused by a leaking roof, penetrating damp can be found on the ceilings of upstairs rooms, and you are advised to call out a damp proofing specialist as soon as possible.
  1. Condensation Damp– Large windows generate a lot of condensation, especially if you do not have double glazing, which helps reduce condensation. With a continuous supply of moisture, the fungi can grow and creep along the substrate. Window sills are prone to wetness from window condensation, which is another reason to have the windows replaced with double glazed units.

If you suspect that your home might be affected by damp, an online search will help you locate a nearby damp proof specialist, who can take the appropriate action. Even if there are no outward signs, it is possible that damp is in its early stages, and by having the property inspected, you will have the peace of mind knowing that your home is not at risk of damp damage.

















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