Are you taking care of your plumbing in the way that you should? Failing to perform proper maintenance on your plumbing could cause a huge problem for your home. Not only could it cost you a lot of money, but it could also cost you a lot of stress as well. Even though plumbers enjoy their jobs, there are a few things that they want you to know that can help ensure that a major disaster doesn’t strike.

The Disposal Isn’t a Trash Can

Even though you have a garbage disposal, you can’t just throw anything in there. Local plumbers in Basildon want you to remind you that you should never throw rice, pasta, or vegetable peelings into your garbage disposal.

Water around the Toilet

Your toilet doesn’t have to be overflowing for there to be a problem. It doesn’t have to have a massive leak, either. Look out for the following signs that your toilet needs a bit of attention from the plumber:

  • Water around the base of the toilet
  • Signs of mould

Be Careful with Grease

You shouldn’t be putting anything down your drains, but especially not grease. Pouring grease down the drain can cause a massive blockage in the pipes, so make sure to dispose of it properly.

Performing routine maintenance isn’t a difficult job. As long as you follow these tips and watch out for dripping faucets, you should be just fine. Just remember to call the plumber at the very first sign of a plumbing emergency.



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