How to winterize your HVAC system?

When it is time to turn your HVAC unit from your air conditioner to your heater, there are some tips that you must take into consideration. These tips would ensure that your system is under proper condition no matter what occurs during the winter. First, you can begin by organizing your AC with these winter HVAC tips:

Eliminate window units 

If you have any window units around, you must eliminate them and store them in your house. Some think that they can leave the units in their windows during the cold season. Still, you can keep them better by removing them until you are prepared to utilize them in the coming summer. Call the reputed heating and air companies in Atlanta for repairing and maintenance purposes. 

Cleaning the units

If you are having a unit external to your house, you must take the time to clean it. Take out any remains trapped within your unit, including twigs, leaves, and branches. After that, clean the unit by employing a pipe to spray away filth and dust. Always be cautious not to bend the fans or destroy any of the components. Let your unit dry thoroughly before shifting to the next step. Opt for reliable companies if you need an HVAC service in Atlanta.

Replacing air filters

In your house, you must place the air filter. If you have not already replaced the air filter, take the time to do so. The air filter replacement should be made every 3 to 4 months. If you reside in an area close to construction or that attains too much wind, you might discover that it is vital to replace the filter more often. Replacing the filter would prevent it from turning blocked, forcing the HVAC system to operate harder for running the air all through your house. 

Bring a cover 

Another beneficial way of winterizing HVAC system is to put a cover over it. This would block the debris from entering the unit in winter. You can buy a cover from the nearest hardware store. If you do not have a plastic cover and do not want to buy, you can utilize a tarp and rocks to protect the system and stop debris and moisture from getting inside. Reach out to the top best company that offers HVAC service in Atlanta.

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