Throwaway society

We live in a throwaway society. Sadly, people have no qualms about throwing out stuff. Most of us turn a blind eye to litter, as if it’s become part of the landscape. We accept it. Littering is a modern-day disease. Did you walk past that discarded cup in the street? Could you have picked it up and put it into a nearby bin? Oh, you didn’t want to get your hands dirty and you were in a hurry? We’ve all been guilty of ignoring it. We tut our disapproval, but what are we doing about things to improve the situation?

Unfortunately, most of us could walk down our street and half-fill a carrier bag with rubbish collected.

Maybe it was a windy night and the dustbin was knocked over, the bin lid fell open, throwing rubbish everywhere?

Maybe you had too much rubbish in the wheelie bin and the lid didn’t close properly and a cat or a fox decided to have a rummage in your rubbish and has left a trail of items in its wake?

You say it’s the council’s fault for not emptying our rubbish bins every week.

Sweet papers, plastic bottle end up in the street. Someone else’s rubbish, not my problem. We all make excuses.

That bit of trash you saw last week has blown into the river and is now in the sea, being investigated by a curious sea creature who thinks it’s lunch. We’ve all seen awful images of desperate turtles and other sea creatures caught up in our plastic waste.

Rubbish removal London

Let’s take responsibility for our actions, reduce waste and join the rubbish removal London.

Let’s educate our children and inspire our communities to litter pick in our spare time, join our rubbish removal London campaign and let’s get started. Meet other like-minded people and get fit at the same time.

The great man has spoken

We need to follow Sir David Attenborough’s advice: He says: ‘The one thing we all have to do is simply not to waste. Don’t waste food, don’t waste power, don’t waste plastic. We need to live within our means without inflicting damage on the planet.’ Wise man.

So what can we do to reduce waste?

We waste so much food. A third of all food produced is wasted. Plan your day to day menus, buy just what you need. Don’t be seduced by ‘Buy One Get One Free’ items. Chances are they will just sit in the fridge waiting to go past their sell-by dates.

Do you really need twenty handbags and matching shoes?

Do you really need all those cleaning products?

Buy recyclable cotton bags for buying loose fruit and vegetables.

Try to ignore those trays of food and start buying loose fresh produce instead.

Learn to recycle more

Eight million tonnes of plastic find their way into the ocean every year.

Try to cut down on items in plastic containers and use your own containers

Take your own reusable cups when you go for a coffee.

Buy soap in blocks, not dispensers.

Stop using wipes. A good old-fashioned flannel will do nicely.

Never mind fashion, be yourself, be unique. No-one’s going to point the finger if your tops are from last year’s collection.


Do you need some help?

If you’re not able to join the rubbish removal London campaign and need some help to clear your home of unwanted items:

Are you looking to move and are overwhelmed by all the stuff you’re accumulated over the years?

Maybe you are downsizing and need to get rid of at least a third of that accumulated stuff?

Check out Clearabee. As the UK’s largest man and a van-style waste carrier they’ll help you and instead of dumping it into the nearest landfill site, they actually recycle things as much as possible.

They’ve got a great track record of diverting ninety percent of rubbish from landfills.

So check out our website and book a Clearabee man and a van to collect your unwanted items. Do the planet a favour.


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