For most UK homeowners, a blocked drain is high on the list of potential catastrophes, and should this ever happen to you, it is important to seek professional help. Tackling a blocked drain might make things worse, and besides, you first have to know the location of the blockage before you can do anything about it, and with experienced domestic drainage solutions in Sandon, the experts will soon be on hand.

CCTV Diagnostics

Using state of the art equipment, the drain cleaning company can get a first-hand view of the condition of the drainage system, and can therefore, be repaired with the minimum of disruption. Once the drainage system has been cleaned with high pressure water, the CCTV buggy is sent down to inspect the interior, which allows the technician to locate the blockage.

Potential Causes of a Blocked Drain

There are many possible causes of a blocked drain, which include the following:

  • Invasive Tree Roots – Can result in a sewer pipe collapse, which would lead to a total blockage.
  • Ground Subsidence – Older properties and new builds are susceptible to ground movement, which can result in sewer pipe damage.
  • Food Waste – Putting food waste down the kitchen sink will likely lead to a drain blockage, and with cooking fat and human hair contributing to the blockage, which might only be partial at first.

In the event you suffer a blocked drain, the best solution is to call in your local drain cleaning specialist who can identify the blockage and take appropriate action.

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