Have you ever seen an extension on a house that doesn’t really look like it belongs? Unfortunately, many UK homeowners have overlooked a suitable design in favour of a composite creation that doesn’t really go with the rest of the property, and rather than settling for a design that looks OK, it is better to push the design boundaries and have an extension that complements the house.

  • The Right Builder – Talk to your local builders in Bristol about designing an extension that matches the property, and you might be pleasantly surprised, as there are builders who will go that extra yard to ensure customer satisfaction.
  • Double Glazed Bespoke Units – Glass is a great material for extensions, and with a bespoke creation, you can have an extension that merges your garden and living room. Even with a large expansion of glass, you still have effective thermal insulation, and with the right openings, you can ventilate the home in the summer.
  • Matching Materials– If your home is made or brickwork of stone, you can use the same materials for the extension, which would really make it look like part of the original building. The best way to design your extension is to ask your local builder to pay you a home visit, and he can make some design suggestions based on what you already have.

Look for a builder who is prepared to spend as much time on the design stage as necessary to create something fitting, and with their help, your new extension will perfectly complement the home.

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