A roofer would have an extensive took kit that helps him to carry out his work, and each tool or equipment item has a specific purpose. You have probably seen a roofer with a thick leather pouch that has many loops and pockets to hold a range of tools, yet there are other items that experienced roofers in Dudley cannot do without.

  • Ladders – Aside from the very long ladders the roofer needs to reach the roof, he would also have a chicken ladder, which is a short section that has strong hooks for hanging on the ridge, and once the chicken ladder is firmly in place, the roofer can stand where he needs to be and carry out his work.
  • Wood Saws and Hacksaws – Essential for cutting rafters, joist, fascia and soffit board, a selection of sharp saws are essential, and most roofers would have a circular power saw, which makes short work of cutting rafters and joists.
  • Hammers – A claw hammer for removing nails and tacks, and also a runner or wooden mallet for tapping roof tiles into place.
  • Tile Square – Important as this item ensures a perfectly square cut on tiles, and the device as fully adjustable to cater for any size tile.
  • Nail Pouch – When a roofer is fixing tiles, he must carry a lot of nails, and a leather or cloth pouch is ideal for this. Worn around the waist, with the pouch to one side, the roofer can work uninterrupted and take nails as he requires them.

Other equipment would include a good wheelbarrow for moving stacks of tiles, and, of course, a tape measure and a pencil are also necessary items for the roofer.




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