This is a question that many new homeowners ask themselves, and the short answer is, at least once a year. The boiler is the very heart of your central heating system, and it works tirelessly in the background, providing you with essential heat and hot water on demand, and like any other complex system it requires maintenance now and then.

An Autumn Exercise

The ideal time to have your boiler serviced is just prior to the arrival of winter, and with affordable gas boiler servicing in Ealing and surrounding areas, it is easy to arrange a service. An annual boiler service would include the following:

  • External inspection – Looking for signs of corrosion
  • Flue inspection – To ascertain whether the flue is free from obstruction.
  • Thermostat test – If your thermometer is inaccurate, you could be using far too much energy to achieve the desired outcome.
  • Running system check – The heating engineer would inspect the flame, looking for a deep blue colour, which is the sign of a clean burn, while also inspecting all the radiators to check they are all functioning as they should.

If your boiler malfunctions at any time, it will more than a little convenient, especially if it happens in the middle of the winter. The entire system should be inspected while the engineer is there, and anything untoward would either be repaired or replaced.

Your local heating engineer can easily be located with an online search, and if your boiler hasn’t been serviced for a while, don’t delay, call a heating engineer today!

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