If you live in the harsh climate that the UK is famed for, the need for double glazing is indeed a serious one. Whether you run a gas or oil-fired heating system, a large percentage of your valuable heat escapes through the single pane of glass, so much so, that double glazing can reduce your heating bills by as much as 60%. We are all doing our best to save energy, and if you have yet to replace those old softwood windows and doors, you should make it your number one priority.

Major Benefits

Aside from the huge energy savings, installing double glazed windows in Medway will bring you the following benefits:

  • Much improved sound insulation
  • Top Level Home Security
  • Transform the Appearance of the property
  • Maintenance free solutions

Sourcing the Right Supplier

As you can imagine, there are many double-glazing firms, al professing to be the best in the business, and in order to source a reputable supplier, you should look for a company that is associated with building federations or associations, as this is a strong indication of their workmanship.

Customer Testimonials

Ant reputable double-glazing company would be able to furnish you with a few addresses, where you can view their previous projects, and by talking to the occupants, you get a feel of the company’s attitude. Avoid pushy salespeople who will try to get you to sign on the dotted line, as this is likely to lead to disappointment.

Asking several companies to quote for the project is always a wise move.

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