Like several other major industries, construction in the UK is also hit hard by the onset of the pandemic. With strict guidelines and restrictions in place about work, movement, safety, and health, the construction industry suffered a heavy blow at least in the early months of the pandemic.

Things have however improved to a good extent in the last months. According to HIS Markit analysis report, construction has shown slow but steady signs of improvement in these last months and we can possibly look forward to things reverting to normal in not too distant future. That said, there is still a lot of uncertainty in the air, especially with newer strains of the virus emerging in different parts of the globe. 

First, there were enough concerns around the African variant and most recently, the authorities are again kept busy with the new onslaught made by the Indian variant. Surge testing accelerated vaccinations, and local restrictions, wherever possible, are all in place to keep new cases to a minimum. 

So, as we mentioned, although the construction industry is slowly recuperating, things are still, for the most part, uncertain. Several new construction projects, especially in the real estate sector, have already commenced. Now, for companies involved in these projects, there is both good and bad news. On the good side, construction materials are available at an easier price right now. However, with the shadow of pandemics still looming large over us, there is a lot of concern regarding the expected ROI on these projects.

As such, it only makes sense that companies in charge of these projects will look to keep their project expenses to a possible minimum. And one way to do this is to hire quality plants and machinery from a local reputed plant hire company. 

For smaller construction farms, investing in highly expensive construction equipment is not a choice even in normal times. However, at this point in time, hiring rather than buying new equipment is a wiser option even for bigger farms. 

Why Hire Plant and Machinery?

Let’s illustrate the point by looking at the costs of a digger. In order to buy a brand new digger or an excavator, you’ll need to invest anything between £35,000 and £72,500—depending on the operating weight and digging depth capacity of the machine in question. On the other hand, you pay about £80/hour when you hire a 1-2 tonne excavator from our FGS Plant, the premier plant and machinery hire service in southeast England. 

At FGS Plant Hire Kent, we offer diggers and excavators of the widest range possible (beginning with diggers with operating weight of 0.8 tonne to right up to 21 tonnes). And this is just one example. At FGS Kent Plant Hire, you’ll be able to hire all sorts of plant and machinery that you’ll require at various stages of your construction project. These include dumpers, rollers, telehandlers, shovels, and various attachments such as rakes, augers, hydraulic brakes, grapples, buckets—in sort, pretty much everything that you’ll need for any and all kinds of full-fledged and complete construction projects. 

And all construction projects pass through various phases and you’ll need these different sets of machinery and attachment at different stages of the job. So, once you schedule your tasks properly, that will help you ensure that no equipment that you hire from us sit idle at any time. You hire the machinery as and when required and we’ll transport them to the construction site as per your requirements. Furthermore, when you hire your construction equipment, you need not worry about the maintenance of the equipment either. 

So, the bottom line, you get to save a lot of precious bucks by hiring instead of buying expensive construction equipment for your project. Having their own equipment only makes sense for the biggest construction farms that typically handle several projects simultaneously. For all other farms, hiring machinery is the way to go, especially in these pandemic-ridden times when projects are few and far between. 

So, for all your construction plant and machinery hire requirements in the southeast of England, give us a call today at FGS Plant. With all the high grade equipment we offer from the top manufacturers in the industry, we firmly stand behind our service and guarantee your satisfaction.

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