When you’re decorating your home or apartment from scratch for the very first time, it can seem like you’re taking on much more than you initially thought. That’s why Décor Aid’s apartment interior designers are here to give you tips on how to break down the design process into simple steps and ensure that your design can be executed seamlessly.

So you’ve just moved in with what you have and now it’s time to get to work on making your space feel like a home. What now? First, you’ll want to take stock of what you have and what you’ll need. You likely have pieces that you’ll want to upgrade or swap out for a better version, so keep tabs on the items that you want but can wait on. From here, you can determine your budget and what you’ll want to keep an eye out for when sourcing pieces for your home.

Of course, you can’t just go shopping and pick up what catches your eye. You’ll need to take accurate measurements of your home so that you know what can fit inside your space. Have a layout or specific arrangement in your mind of how you’d like your home to look, and measure the available space within each area so you have a threshold that you know pieces can fit within. From there, the sourcing process will be much easier.

While you should absolutely choose pieces you enjoy, not everything that you like pairs well together. You’ll want to come up with an initial style or color palette to follow so that everything you buy moving forward can fit within this. As long as an item matches this style, color palette, or aesthetic, you’ll have a lot more freedom with what you can do with it inside your home without it clashing or looking out of place.

The best way to really define your style is to look for inspiration on home decor websites or interior design portfolios. Start by looking at things that simply catch your eye, then figure out why they have done so. Is it the finish? The texture? The material? Once you’ve gathered enough ideas to carve out a specific kind of look, you can use Pinterest to create a mood board. This will allow you to better visualize all the desired elements together from afar, and see if they come together in the way you had imagined. This process will let you refine your ideas and get more specific about what you want, which will make the actual buying process much easier.

The most important thing to remember is that you should not rush the process. Although it can be tempting to make big purchases so that you can get closer to a finished result, this will only leave you with a haphazard, sloppy interior design. While no one enjoys living in a space that feels unfinished, it’s important to remind yourself that good design takes time, so you’ll have to get used to this if you want to be happy in your home for years to come.

You’ll likely always be tweaking your interior design somewhat, whether it’s a new vase here or a new rug there, so don’t feel as though your space has to feel completely ‘finished’ for you to be done. The details in your design are what will really make it come alive and feel like a home, so enjoy the process of sourcing these things that will bring you joy.

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