Some call it a patio, a flat and level are for rest and relaxation, which usually backs onto the house, allowing for easy access through double doors, and there are several ways to do this. You could concrete the patio, for example, which some would think rather bland, or you could have some natural stone laid. Then there’s timber decking, which has its own unique appeal, although it does need to be maintained, and then you have block paving, which for many UK homeowners makes for the ideal patio.

Landscape Gardening Service

If you want a top rated patios company in Retford, Google is your best friend, and with their expertise and your ideas, a perfect design will be born. The company would discuss the many options with you, and once a design is approved, the builder will schedule the work. The secret to a good terrace is the ground preparation, which includes the following:

  • Digging out 8-12 inches of soil
  • Adding hardcore and rolling it
  • Adding a layer of sand and cement

The blocks are square and interlock nicely, and with a professional team on the job, the work is soon completed. You can expect an average size terrace to be finished in 2 or maybe 3 days, which would include edging stones, and steps leading to and from the patio area.

Other choices include natural stone, which is really stunning and lasts forever, but for the very best in value, you would be hard pressed to beat block paving.

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