Have you ever been in a modern, sheet rock based home? Walking through the rooms there is a certain feeling to it, a sense that things aren’t quite as sturdy as they could be. Sheet rock and plaster have an air of impermanence, something cheap and non-lasting. With just too forceful a hit of a hammer on a nail can tear a giant hole right in the wall. The moment you move in, it loses value.

Log cabins are different. Just looking at one gives you a reassuring sensation of timelessness. It looks like it could withstand even the most violent forces, and something about the sight of wood is so safe. Perhaps it is the connection to images of our ancestors, who constructed and lived their lives in wooden houses made to last. Whatever the reason, log cabins are undeniably beautiful pieces of real estate that really make a statement.

Here are six benefits to a log cabin that make it such an enticing option for homeowners.

The Eco-Friendliness

One of the biggest misconceptions about log cabins is that they are somehow bad for the environment. That comes from two primary sources: the first is the wood used in the construction of the logs. But split logs are actually better in many ways as they rarely have to be replaced, and are more natural than plaster and other common construction tools.

The chemicals used to treat, seal, and stain the wood are the second concern. In the past, they used to be dangerous for the environment, and sometimes every the home’s residents. That has long since been rectified, with greener stains and sealants on the market that are perfectly safe to use.

The Aesthetic Of The Design

A log cabin has a very specific look to it. Just seeing one brings peace, solitude, quiet mornings in bright sunshine, sipping a cup of coffee as you look over the valley below to mind. There is something about the overall aesthetic to a wooden structure, especially one made of such thick logs, that gives it something special.

If you want the classic beauty and environment that a cabin, whether it be in the woods, in the country, or in a residential neighborhood brings, you won’t be disappointed in your decision. The flexibility to choose the layout and wider blueprint if you are building yourself is another benefit you may consider, as you can choose everything from the size of the house, to the number of rooms, to their shape and other amenities.

The Ability To Withstand Time and Weather

It isn’t unusual to find log cabins that are a hundred years old or more in the US alone. In the wider world you can find them hundreds of years old, and still standing without reconstruction. That is the incredible fortitude of such structures, and the materials they are made out of. A log cabin is sturdy, strong, and able to take quite a beating.

For this reason, and because of the plentiful lumber surrounding the country, in America such houses have been incredibly popular for generation upon generation. In areas where weather can be more severe, swinging between hot and cold climates like so much of the United States, it is a great option. The wood is easy to reseal, small leaks and problems can be fixed on your own, and they are less likely to be damaged by strong winds. They are just made to stand strong against both time and weather.

The Energy Efficiency

Energy efficiency is important for two reasons. First, it is important for the environment and the future of our planet that we limit our carbon footprint. That means taking up less resources, and conserving what we have, lest we run out of it. Sustainability should be something on everyone’s mind.

Second, there is cost. Energy bills for a home can skyrocket between electricity and gas every year, depending on the season. You could be out hundreds per month just to keep a house warm or cool, and in some areas it isn’t just a matter of putting on a sweater, or plugging in a fan.

Log cabins are believed to be drafty and prone to leaks, but that isn’t true. Logs that have been properly treated and sealed are very tight. Any leaks can be easily fixed with a touch up. On average, a log cabin owner can save anywhere up to 20% on energy costs.

The Ability To Maintain The Home Yourself

One of the biggest benefits of keeping a log cabin is that the process of maintenance is at once less common, and easier to do on your own. When dealing with drywall everything is in large, smooth segments. Getting to plumbing or electrical wires behind the walls can mean taking out whole sections.

Log cabins are usually more segmented, and easier to replace, fix and reseal. You don’t have to call a handyman for every little thing, and instead can learn the basic functions of maintaining the house yourself with little fuss.

It is also relatively cheap to take care of. Staining your wood every few years costs between $3 and $5 per square foot, and if you break that down over the years it didn’t require it, the cost is shockingly low.

The Cost Effectiveness

As mentioned above, keeping up with your log cabin doesn’t cost as much as you might fear. But it isn’t just maintaining that is cost effective. Buying a log cabin pre-made can be as low as under $5,000, depending on the size. They can be portable, in case you wish to move. Or, for less than many houses, you can buy a strong, high quality cabin that remains in the same place.

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